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If you listened to the 2017 Oscars, you won’t have been let down by the amount of drama.

From blue bow demonstrations to In Memoriam mix-ups, customers of the 89th Academy Honors were treated to a night of glamour, gloss and also glamour … and also a lot, much more.

With 14 Oscar elections, La Land was on track to move a trophy-cabinet loaded with honors. On the night, the hit movie was awarded a really decent 7 honors. It was seven, had not been it? Oh, wait …

In exactly what’s being called the ‘biggest mistake in Oscar history’, La Land’s honor for Ideal Picture was eliminated mid-victory-speech.

Accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers have counted the choose the Oscars for a tremendous 83 years, but their squeaky tidy associate has actually been brought into question. After issuing an apology, the company validated that the presenters had actually been offered the incorrect envelopes wrongly … oops.

Of training course, the mistake didn’t go undetected on social networks. What? Did you truly assume the Twittersphere wouldn’t mercilessly poke fun at every person involved?

Miss Cosmos turned the fun on themselves before various other social customers might do it for them:

Of program, political tweets really did not go undetected:

Whether you supported on Moonlight or regreted for the honor La Land need to have won, it was undoubtedly a moment that will certainly decrease in history.

But was La Land the actual champions of the Oscars, anyway?

Our evaluation of social blog posts, worldwide, the day after the Oscars (27th February) showed:

There were over 27,000 mentions of “La La Land” and “Oscars“, excluding posts which referenced “Moonlight” as well as “Ideal Photo”.

When we looked once again, this time around including “Moonlight” and “Ideal Image” to our outcomes, discussions as well as messages jumped to 42,000, the day after the furore happened.

With such a big volume of people discussing the mistake, it appears the mix-up in fact catapulted La land also additionally into the spotlight.

They state no publicity misbehaves promotion, as well as the producers of La Land have been widely praised for their calm and also gracious handling of the situation. It’s certainly a wonderful outcome for Moonlight, too.

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The number of times “moonlight” was talked about soared on 27th February, revealing that every person was a winner when it involved the envelope-mixing-shenanigans. Almost.

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