This is a concern that comes up a great deal with new AdWords managers or company owner that are doing PPC for the initial time.

” Should I bid on my own brand terms in AdWords?”

The reasoning for not bidding by yourself brand name terms goes something like this: Most firms already place # 1 in Google for their own brand. With that in mind, ought to they “waste” any of their priceless advertisement budget plan on brand terms they currently rate # 1 for?

The response is yes, and this blog post describes why.

Reason #1: Competitor’s Ads

The first reason is that rivals might bid on your own brand name terms which indicates they could wind up swiping truly beneficial clicks.

Think about it similar to this: If a person searches for your brand, they’re most likely truly curious about just what you need to offer. If your competitor sneaks in and also takes the click, you simply lost a highly interested possibility to the one business you don’t desire to shed clicks to.

As such, the number one reason to bid on your own brand name is to make sure your rivals don’t have an advertisement that ranks greater compared to your natural outcome and also take valuable clicks in the process.

If you look at the instance below, Wordstream rankings # 1 naturally for the term “wordstream,” and they also rate number one for paid outcomes. Nevertheless, sandwiched between is an advertisement for FishGoogle who has the audacity to make use of a heading that says “Better Than Wordstream.” If Wordstream wasn’t bidding on their very own brand name, their organic outcome would certainly be contained below a headline from a competitor specifying that they’re far better than Wordstream. That’s not good.

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Reason # 2: The price each click is really cheap

One trait brand-new AdWords marketers don’t understand is that the cost each click (CPC) for branded terms is actually, truly cheap.

Your ordinary CPC could be $1.50, for instance, but you could buy top quality clicks for $0.30. Yes, you could have obtained some of those clicks absolutely free considering that you place number one, however it’s worth $0.30 or whatever it winds up setting you back not to shed the click to a competitor.

So keep in mind that branded clicks have the tendency to be the most inexpensive clicks you’ll obtain considering that the CTR as well as Quality Rating will be exceptionally high because of that individuals are already browsing for your company. They’ll also wind up deserving it considering that you’re protecting your brand from losing its most beneficial clicks.

Reason #3: More traffic

Bidding by yourself term also leads to more traffic.

Bing ran a research to see exactly what the click return is like for firms that rate both # 1 organically as well as with advertisements for their own brand. (Click yield is specified as the variety of clicks a business receives from natural and paid results per 100 searches.)

They discovered that having an ad in the # 1 placement together with the # 1 natural search placement caused an 88% yield compared with a 56% return for branded terms alone. That corresponds to 32 more clicks per 100 searches when ranking # 1 for both the advertisement and also natural positions.

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Based on these results, your general traffic numbers ought to rise by bidding on well-known terms, something every business is interested in.

You do need to bear in mind, nevertheless, that, according to the study, paid results cannibalize around 18% of the clicks you ‘d obtain from just ranking # 1 naturally. The chart listed below programs the distinction and also the overlap considering that paid clicks do cannibalize some organic clicks.

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With this in mind, you could not want to bid by yourself brand name if you have a super limited Pay Per Click budget. Or else, it deserves it since your general traffic will certainly rise by 32%.

( You can review more concerning the complete research right here.)

Reason # 4: Use up even more of the SERP space

Another typically discussed reason for bidding process by yourself brand name terms is to occupy more SERP space.

When you rate # 1 in both the advertisement and also organic listings, you take up useful space that your rivals may otherwise use up. You’ll occupy a lot more positions and you’ll also take up more SERP actual estate.

It’s likewise understood that the leading SERP room is one of the most beneficial are in Google and also various other ad systems. Sidebar advertisements obtain some clicks, but the bulk most likely to the advertisements over search results page as well as natural results.

Thus, by taking up two of one of the most vital positions, you wind up using up more of the exceptionally valuable SERP area that your competitors would like to occupy, something you could see in the picture below.

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Reason # 5: Personalize your message

Something else to bear in mind is that by bidding on your very own brand name term, you have the opportunity to tailor the message searches will see.

When it pertains to organic outcomes, you go to the mercy of whatever Google chooses to reveal, which normally implies the title for the web page and the meta description you might or might not have customized.

But with a paid result, you could compose whatever advertisement duplicate you ‘d like, as well as explore different copy to see exactly what gets more clicks. You could use this details to improve your message elsewhere and making certain you get as numerous clicks as possible from your ads as well as natural rankings.

Reason #6: Better ROI overall

Finally, bidding process on branded key phrases suggests you’ll get a better return on your advertising budget plan overall.

Let’s say for instance that you spend money on an off-line advertising and marketing campaign or do another thing to create awareness for your business (press launch, talk at a seminar, etc).

One of the first points individuals will do is Google your brand to learn even more about you. But if you do not bid on your very own term, it’s feasible, as mentioned in the past, that this incredibly valuable click will obtain lost to a competitor.

It’s important to bear in mind that branded searches are some of the most useful clicks for a company which indicates you intend to control both the paid and natural outcomes for your brand so you could capture the largest impression as well as click share possible.


In completion, we understand that there will certainly always be some dispute regarding this topic. Some people will say that you should not bid on your own terms, particularly SEO folks.

Really, it depends on you and also what jobs for your campaign and budget. You may not intend to do it if your budget is very tight, yet if you have rivals bidding on your brand as well as do not wish to lose those valuable clicks, you absolutely desire to begin bidding on your firm’s brand name terms.

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