From January 31st it will not be possible to produce or update Basic Text Ads (STA) for AdWords.

This will certainly hold true both in the AdWords UI as well as through Acquisio. If you’re still using Standard Text Ads in your campaigns, there’s no should fret! You’ve still time to obtain organized and also we’ll give you some indispensable hints and tips below!

Which Projects do You Need to Migrate?

Eventually you will need to migrate every one of your Text Advertisements to Enhanced Text Advertisements (ETA), yet it is essential to note that Standard Text Ads will not stop being offered quickly. This means that you can and should prioritize campaign migration to get the most significant bang for your buck.

Here are a few of the characteristics of the projects you ought to migrate first:

  • High-volume. There is most likely to be an increase in conversion rates with Expanded Text Ads, so you’ll obtain much better overall results if you move campaigns with a great deal of impressions as well as conversions first.
  • High-value Customers. You wish to maintain your ideal clients happy, so see to it their projects obtain the improved conversion rates expected with Enhanced Text Ads.
  • Frequently Changing. If you have campaigns where you regularly make adjustments, then migrate those projects to Expanded Text Advertisements so you don’t end up with a mix of STAs and ETAs that will certainly be harder to take care of later.
  • The Long Tail. There’s constantly a lengthy tail of campaigns that don’t alter frequently and remain to operate with little maintenance. These are the campaigns that you should move last.

How to Migrate?

When taking a look at Advertisements there are actually two methods in which you can move from Requirement Text Advertisements to Expanded Text Advertisements: rewrite the Ad or use a pattern to migrate it automatically. The choice which technique is better for you depends upon the efficiency of Advertisements within an AdGroup, you will certainly intend to provide your finest advertisements extra attention!

Re-writing Advertisements actually implies taking the vital message from a Common Text Ad and re-writing it to make the most from the additional heading and additional room within the ETA. The second heading can be made use of to give a clear benefit or call to activity. Below is an example.

marketing strategy

With a migration pattern, you take information from a Conventional Text Advertisement and also use that to instantly occupy the Expanded Text Advertisement areas, possibly including in new details when needed. For instance, for headline 2 you could desire to include the repaired text ‘Discover more now!’ as a phone call to action.

digital marketing

A Standard Text Ad migrated to an Enhanced Text Advertisement utilizing a Pattern

For more details on how to move, take a look at our article Ways to Change to Google Expanded Text Advertisements Like a Pro.

Testing Your Approach

Once you have a movement pattern, you will wish to examine it to make sure it executes well. Do this on your finest performing Advertisement in every AdGroup. Preferably you will have done this in 2016, but if you have not it’s never far too late to start!

The initial thing you should do to get time, is to take a look at the Acquisio Webinar on Ways to Change to Expanded Text Advertisements like a Pro and also uncover exactly how to run examinations on ETA migration patterns in an optimal way.

If you’re running except time, you will need to focus on which campaigns you examination and increase Ad Invest in those AdGroups to get enough data to take a decision.

When Should You Migrate?

There’s no time like the here and now! Seriously, get going moving now in the New Year. There are a number of great factors to not wait to migrate your Standard Text Advertisements:

  • You’ll lose out on the ETA efficiency boost.
  • Your STAs might begin losing on conversions to devoted ETAs from completing campaigns.
  • We do not know if and when Google will certainly begin liking ETAs to STAs.
  • Google may quit serving STAs at sometime in 2017.

Don’ t wait on your Standard Text Advertisements to shed performance or quit being offered entirely. You’ll be compelled right into a hurried migration with possibly inadequate results. Take control of your circumstance now!

Tools + Checklist to assist You Migrate

The initially tool to utilize is Acquisio’s Movement Screening Flowchart to structure your screening strategies.

Next, follow this over-view of the steps you should absorb order to migrate your projects. Print it out and also stick it to the wall since you’ll be checking it often!

  • Within each campaign:

      • Determine which Ads will certainly be re-written and also re-write them
        • Pro-tip # 1: consist of Benefits or a Phone call to Activity in Heading 2
        • Pro-tip # 2: consist of an item or benefit in Path 1 and/ or Path 2
      • Remove any type of re-direct Links as well as utilize Tracking Templates with a Last URL instead
      • Test migration patterns for your campaign
      • Establish which movement pattern will be related to the campaign
    • If you are an Acquisio individual, the bulk sheet management system could be utilized to assist in countless changes to your projects as well as Advertisements. This will make it simpler for you to apply various movement patterns to numerous AdGroups and campaigns.
    • Pause all migrated Standard Text Advertisements other than for the best performing one in each AdGroup.
    • Review Increased Text Advertisement Versus Standard Text Advertisement Efficiency:

        • Have you comparable efficiency to your experiments?
        • Are you obtaining results close to Google’s expectations?
        • Consider tweaking or revising ads that are underperforming expectation

      Wherever you are with your Basic Text Advertisement movement, we make certain that it will take your consideration within very early 2017. Allow us know down listed below how you’re getting along and also if you have any hints, tips or discoveries of your very own you wish to share!