The product data feed is the structure of every PPC-campaign on Google as well as various other purchasing channels. There are numerous devices to enhance your data feeds and campaigns: How can a data feed tool enhance your ROI? Which tools are around? Just what should you consider when reviewing various devices. Allow’s resolve the problems and aid you obtain the device that is best for you.

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How can an information feed device boost your ROI?

Let’s initial rapidly rejuvenate your memory on WHY you ought to utilize a data feed device to begin with. A data feed device allows you to attain 3 orders:

1. Meet the data feed demands for every single channel

Every purchasing network has its very own demands – other field names (ID or SKU), different documents styles (csv or xml), other classifications, etc. An information feed device enables you to have the right feed for every channel.

2. Improve the data feeds

Your project results improve if you have much better information in your feed: “Levi’s 501 denims – blue, size 32” is a far better title than “501”, Update Schedule by refreshing your feed on a daily basis or add a personalized tag for products on Sale. Optimizing your data feed goes together with enhancing your campaigns.

3. Maximize Campaign performance

If you understand which individual items are performing well and which are just melting your budget plan, you can take immediate activity and also remove unprofitable products. A data feed device could track performance on item degree and could execute wonders for your ROAS.

Which tools are out there?

Most purchasing carts have a device (either built-in or 3rd-party apps) that makes it possible for the seller to export a feed to Google and also a few various other networks. These tools are generally totally free or really inexpensive as well as assist the eRetailer to obtain his items onto particular networks.

There are 100+ data feed tools worldwide that do more compared to that and also supply numerous kinds of optimization. Most devices are local gamers – they have great yet minimal capability and also strong links with the purchasing networks in their home country. There is additionally a smaller variety of big gamers that supply a done performance and also have integrated with countless purchasing channels in the US, Europe and South America.

A rough impression of the data feed device market resembles this:

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There are a great deal even more information feed devices, especially neighborhood gamers in each country, yet the image above provides you an impact of how the market is structured and also that the main gamers are in every segment.

How to Locate the Finest Data Feed Device for You

These are the subjects that you should take right into account when reviewing tools.

1. Price

You better take into consideration cost at once, given that it is a major differentiator. You could save a great deal of time if you begin looking into devices that are within the rate range that you have in mind.

Take the nexting problems into account when considering the cost range:

Fit your Budget

The most pricey devices (the ones in the leading right corner, like Channel Expert) usually charge a minimum cost of at the very least $1,000/ mo. If you can not pay for that, don’t invest time evaluating these devices. If you have no spending plan in any way, just check out economical or cost-free tools.


Cheap tools have actually limited functionality, Expensive tools supply a lot. You may need to comprehend which capability you require (percieve section ‘Functionality’) as well as after that number out who will certainly provide you the very best cost wherefore you need.

Cost savings

A good data feed device will additionally save you money, since it shows you which items carry out well and which products are squandering your budget plan (see section ‘Analytics’). If you think about the expense of a tool, additionally take into consideration how much you will certainly obtain if your campaign RoI goes up by 20 or 50%.

Modular Pricing

Pay only just what you may need. Paying for your variety of products or for a few functionalities is usually more economical than a taken care of cost that includes more capability and/or capability compared to you need.

2. Usability

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Ease of use is crucial. Every action needs to take much less compared to a minute. We all understand that you wind up throwing out any tool that is difficult to use. Take the adhering to problems into account when assessing Functionality:


In a great device, you find your way around with little or no instruction. Even if a device supplies a whole lot of capability, it needs to be very easy to browse. If you need to review a lengthy manual initially, forget it. If you need a 2-day training, something has to be incorrect.


Take a trial. A good device ought to have the ability to reveal all features in 20-30 minutes. Percieve for yourself and also decide if it is user-friendly enough for you.

Support and Advice

Does the device offer support on the phone or using Live Chat? If you are optimizing your feeds, you desire How-to-advice quickly – not the next day.

3. Functionality

There are many things that you can do with a device. Check just what you require on the here and after that see who offers that at the most effective price.

Connect your store

Shopping Cart

Does the device integrate with your ecommerce system? Magento, Demandware, Shopify, etc.? Or does it approve any type of resource feed in a csv/ xml/ txt/ json format?


Is the tool able to download or produce variants.

Merge feed

Can you combine information from different feeds right into one source feed.

Multiple downloads  

Can the device download your products numerous times each day.


Will you have the ability to arrange your downloads on the local time that you wish.


Are you able to get rid of duplicate items from your feed.


Can the tool download numerous language variations of the very same shop, like multi-store-view on Magento.

Create data feeds for channels

☑ Preloaded Templates, with the feed specifications of each channel.

☑ Auto-Mapping, input fields are mapped immediately for each channel.

☑ Automatic Mistake Correction, if you do not meet any type of requirements.

☑ Map Your Own Fields, to the fields that are needed by the channels.

☑ Add Missing Fields

Combine, multiple input fields into one output field.

☑ Edit/Adjust Input Worths, replace, eliminate, pre and also suffix, etc.

☑ Re-calculate, numerical values.

☑ Recapitalize

☑ Regular Expressions

☑ Exclude Products, from your channel feeds.

☑ Add Categories, map your product types to the groups of each channel.

☑ Merge Variants, into a ‘parents-only’ feed.

☑ Custom Feeds, create a feed according to your personal specs.

☑ Copy Feeds, from one channel to another.

☑ Picture Picker, select the appropriate image for each product.

Marketplace Orders Sync, your orders in between your shop and marketplaces.

4. Which channels are supported

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There are hundreds of shopping channels worldwide: Browse, Window shopping, Marketplaces, Affiliate Networks, etc. Make a list with the networks you want to get on (in which nation) and examine if the data feed tool of your selection offers them.

5. Performance Analytics

Knowing the efficiency of every specific item on each network is paramount to running a successful PPC-campaign on any kind of channel. Many networks are unable to supply you with this information and if they do, it is scattered in different locations as well as not-actionable.

Some information feed devices supply Analytics as well as enable you to identify your hot sellers and also remove unlucrative products from your information feeds. Sellers normally conserve a whole lot of cash or far better yet: the RoI-increase of their campaigns pays for the cost of the tool numerous times. Just what to inspect when reviewing analytics functionality:

Product level statistics  

Analytics each network or each classification is not sufficient.

Cost data   

You may need CPC, CPA. Cost and also ROAS for each and every item on each network to boost your ROI.

Remove unprofitable products with a single click

Bid Management


What is the added price for this capability as well as could you use it for selected channels.

6. Online Marketing Agencies

Some data feed tools offer extra performances for companies that are managing feeds for various customers.

Agency pricing

To add as lots of (big as well as little) customers as you need.


So each client could percieve his very own feeds.

Usage data

To cost your consumers for your feed services.


To attach stores without having credentials.

7. Managed Service  vs  DiY

Data feed suppliers like Network Knowledge or Fusepump provide a handled service: you do not have the ability to maximize your personal feeds, they do it all for you. Most information feed tools provide a Saas (web based service) that allows you to do all of it internal.

The trend in the last few years is geared towards Do-It-Yourself: the project manager should handle the campaigns and also the data feeds at the very same time as well as there suffice tools that will enable him to do just that. With an intuitive device, data feed management is not tough or technical.

8. Quality

There are lots of means to assess the high quality of a device. Here are a number of active ingredients that make or break the quality of a tool.

24/7 monitoring

Live support

Instant notifications for failed Downloads, Processing and also Uploads

Feed specifications pre-loaded for all channels

Review feeds before uploading

Password safeguarded source feeds

Encrypted output feeds

Custom Channels

Fast downloads

9. Contract and Terms

Many SaaS tools do not offer an agreement or a minimum term. You could subscribe and also cancel whenever – no strings connected. That is often not the way to choose Venture consumers, however, for most others it is very convenient. Examine what help you:

Contract or Terms and Problems or both

Minimum Term

Installation cost


10. IT-requirements

Various devices have different IT-needs. An easy SaaS service has no impact on your IT-department whereas complicated tools may require a done system combination, keeping your IT people scheduled for weeks. Keep the list below aspects in mind when you select a tool and also percieve exactly what your company can deal with:


Subscription solution – organized as well as run in the cloud.


Extensions, applications or other software application to obtain your information feed tool started.


With your existing systems.

Tracking software

To be installed.

Summary and Recommendations

After reviewing loads of information feed tools, we have a couple of basic final thoughts as well as referrals for you.

There are a great deal of tools around with attractive pricing and also really limited functionality and/or ease-of-use. Start your quest by specifying just what you may need and also what you can afford:

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  • SMBs / Advertisers with a tiny budget have a great deal of selection: cost-free, affordable and also neighborhood tools that offer fundamental optimization in order to help you fulfill the requirements of each channel.
  • Large retailers have fewer devices to select from, yet there are several easy to use SaaS devices with excellent functionality as well as an affordable price.
  • Enterprise-retailers are typically currently with large players like ChannelAdvisor or Marin. These are the Ferraris both in functionality and cost, yet there excellent alternatives with a far better price.

To us, the sweet spot lies in the part where the tools for Big and Business overlap: Tools like DataFeedWatch provide nearly the same capability as the Enterprise tools, however have a simpler user interface and also a much far better rate. Retailers as well as Agencies with a big requirement for data feed optimization, yet without the requirement (and the budget) for a Ferrari, are most ideal served in this segment.